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Coach Education and Health Promotion participants at the 2018, Darug (Mount Druitt) workshop


Footage from Netball Coach Education and Health Promotion Workshop.
Video courtesy of Netball New South Wales, Wangal Lands

Sport has been used as a tool to connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with social, education, and employment opportunities. 

Coaching Unlimited is a coach education program created in consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and national sport organisations to deliver formal coach accreditation training in a variety of sports. Coaches who attend these workshops can then share their knowledge with their athletes, coaching networks, and local communities in which they live and work. To ensure the success of Coaching Unlimited, researchers measure the impact of the workshop on the coaches and their communities over time. 

Coaching Unlimited has so far accredited more than 100 First Nations coaches in netball and football (soccer) across NSW.

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